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Trusted Waterproofing and Concrete Restoration Services in Edmonton

Waterproofing and protection applications are used to control deterioration of structures by providing barriers to water infiltration, modify service or exposure conditions, enhance physical properties as well as stop or reduce chloride contamination. We offer a waterproofing procedure to Edmonton’s business and industrial sites that will exceed your expectations. The appropriate choice requires an evaluation of factors such as cause/effect relationships, useful life, constructability, environment, aesthetics and cost benefits. Whatever is needed, Redco has the experience, materials, and skills to repair, protect, and maintain your structure.


Our waterproofing technologies include:

  • Fluid applied traffic bearing membranes

  • Urethanes

  • Fast cure urethane/epoxies

  • Hybrid urethane/polyureas

  • Torch applied SBS

  • HDPE and EPDM sheet membranes

  • Concrete Sealers

  • Elastomeric wall coatings

  • Crack sealing and repair

  • Drainage installations and modifications

  • Chemical grout injection

  • Asphalt modified urethanes

Protection & Coating Systems

Our protection applications and coating systems include:

  • Chemical resistant epoxy and ceramic floor coatings/toppings

  • Impact and wear resistant coatings

  • Decorative epoxy and urethane floor coatings

  • Flake

  • Solids

  • Metallics

  • Chloride removal

  • Resurfacing/scaling repair

  • Stencil finishes

  • Chemical resistant liners

Commercial General Contractors Serving Edmonton

Redco’s reputation for excellence was first developed as a concrete restoration contractor more than 30 years. When you need concrete restoration in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, rely on Redco Construction to get the job done the way you want it. Our comprehensive services protect your bottom line by helping you get back to work. Our specialties include:

  • Parking garage restorations

  • Masonry repair

  • Expansion join and sealant replacement

  • Protective and decorative epoxy coatings

  • Epoxy injection

  • Industrial flooring

  • Concrete balcony repair

  • Building envelope upgrades

  • Cathodic protection

  • External carbon fibre reinforcing

To keep your business waterproofed and begin your concrete restoration project, contact us today!

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