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Design, Building, and Commercial Renovations for Edmonton

At Redco Construction, we offer design/building, tenant improvements, and commercial renovations to Edmonton as part of our general contracting services. Browse our services to see what would be the best fit for your company.

Construction drawing

As your design/build contractor, we will invest as much front-end time as necessary to fully understand your needs. We work with you, considering every factor from occupancy loads to image, delivery date, potential future expansion, and budget. When we’re collectively satisfied that our vision and yours are in tune, we add architects and engineers to the team and prepare preliminary drawings. Once you are satisfied, we will prepare accurate cost estimates and construction schedules for your approval. Redco is proud to be the exclusive Alberta distributor and constructor of Rockford Pre-engineered steel buildings.

Design and Building

Tenants improvements

Redco Construction provides competitive "turn-key" construction services for tenant improvement projects. By having the ability to utilize close associations with our long-term mechanical, electrical, carpentry, and glazing subcontractors as well as our in-house trades, Redco can offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Whether the project is of the largest or smallest scale, Redco Construction has highly experienced management support to ensure your project is completed competitively, timely, and professionally.

Tenant Improvements 

commercial renovations

From industrial and office to retail buildings, our commercial renovation projects range from complex to straightforward:

Commercial Renovations

  • Over 60% of our customer base is made up of repeat business.

  • Our primary goal is to deliver unparalleled quality and personalized customer satisfaction.

  • We maintain our own full-service field crew of carpenters, tapers, masons and painters with the experience and knowledge to efficiently complete your construction projects.

Contact us today to book your general contracting services with Redco.

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